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AnimatedImage QML Type not working as expected

  • Hi, I tried to use the AnimatedImage QML type to display an animation. The file-format is webp. When playing the animation, no matter if automatic or manually with a slider, there are always some frames displayed at the same time. I managed to reproduce this on linux and windows with different files. In browser the animation plays correctly. This happens using Qt 5.12.3

    Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Fixed it by uploading the animation to an online webp maker and checking 'don't stack frames (Remove the frame when it's time to display next one, use for images with transparent background)'. There was no such option in my image editing programm.

    Link to the animation for you to test on google drive.

               AnimatedImage {
                   source: "qrc:/../../star.webp"
                    anchors.fill: parent

    Screenshot of the bug:

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