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QT Designer adds QGridLayout in generated XML but not visible in Object Inspector

  • I have a .ui file which is part of a github project. (ie I didn't design it.)
    QT Creator/Designer is instantiating a QGridLayout in the xml file, but that component is not visible in the form previewer nor the Object Inspector. Here is a snippet of code from my .ui form XML file:

     <layout class="QGridLayout" name="gridLayout">
     <property name=...>  (Several related properties not relevant)
          <item row="0" column="0">
                <widget class="qfi_NAV" name="graphicsNAV">
                <property xxx...> (lots of properties)

    However, the only three items shown in the form designer's Object Inspector are:

    myWidget  |  QWidget
        myFrame  |  QFrame
            graphicsNAV  |  qfi_Nav   (my own subclass of QGraphicsView)

    Any idea why I don't see the QGridLayout which gets autogenerated from this .ui form? Why doesn't it appear on Object Inspector in QT Design mode? Where is this QGridLayout coming from and how do I control its properties if I can't see it?


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