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QOffscreenSurface rendering... bad frame.

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    So the point of it is to render in offscreen using existing context and then display that upon request. The app below contains "simple" example of QOpenGLWindow and QOffscreensurface to do the test. The window is blue in paintGL(), and while resizing the label will take its texture. When we click on button, the label should go green, but it does not!. Only 2x clicking on button, forces the label to go green. Also once label goes green, 1st update of window will be green as well - which should not happen as then we are displaying offscreen buffer in main window... As far as I can tell there is 1 call delay between what I ask for and what I get... any help wouldbe great!

    "Label is behind button... move to right"


    main >
    h >
    cpp >

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