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UDP communication using static library and test program

  • I am trying to create a UDP communication using static library and test program using UDp protocol. I have taken a QScopedPointer of QUDPSocket class. I am resetting the data in my test program. Everything is working fine except I am facing some issues with the writedatagram function. I am not sure about the syntax of the writedatagram method . Below is my code snippet

    m_UdpComm.reset(new QUdpSocket);
    QString word="Hello UDP server";
    QByteArray buffer;

    The declarations:

    struct ProAxeSEConfig
        //list of members of ProAxeSEConfig structure
        QString p_ipAddress;
        quint16 p_port;
    ProAxeSEConfig p_proConfig;
    ProAxeSE(ProAxeSEConfig p_proConfig);
    QScopedPointer<QUdpSocket> m_UdpComm;

    I am facing issues in the writedatagram statement

  • @supratik123 Hi @supratik123, before sending datagram with an UDP socket, you have to bind the socket to a local UDP port.

     m_UdpComm.reset(new QUdpSocket);
     m_UdpComm->bind(QHostAddress::LocalHost, 0); // use 0 to let TCP/IP stack select the first free UDP port

    Please have a look at the Qt documentation: QUdpSocket Class

    [Edit aha_1980: Fixed m_UdpComm.->bind]

  • @KroMignon Hi KroMignon, I try to understand this, but since this is my client side and just want one side i.e half duplex connection, so do it matter to bind my client socket. I have used bind in my server side and it is working fine. Qt is giving me no matching function call for writeDatagram() error.

  • @supratik123 What do you want to know? If it is the last error use QUdpSocket::error() to get the error code or QUdpSocket::errorString() as it is describe in the help QUdpSocket::writeDatagram()

  • @KroMignon Okay Thanks For the help.

  • @supratik123 is your issue solved? if so please mark your post as such!. Thanks.

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