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[Moved] include executable in the project

  • Hello i'm under mac, how can i include executable files in my project



  • Are we talking about deployment here? Or are we talking about starting external processes? Are we talking about adding additional compilers to qmake projects?

    A bit more information would be useful.

  • in my program i use growisofs with QProcess, i need to include it in my executable.
    How i can do it?

  • The only Qt-ish way I can think of is packing the executable as a resource and extract it on first use. Another possibility would be to directly link growisofs if going GPL is an option for you.

    Besides from that this is a standard deployment question. Follow the tag on the right side to get further information.

  • [I moved the thread to the Installation/Deployment subforum.]

    You should add the growisofs utility into the application bundle of your application.

    Have a look at the "How to add resource files to an OS X application bundle": wiki article and adapt the path in the bundle. Usually the directory is a good place. Also make sure that additional libraries (if needed) are also copied to the bundle.

    To call the utility from your application use the following snippet:

    QString growisofsPath = QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + "/growisofs";
    QProcess grow;
    grow.start(growisofsPath, args);

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