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Qt Oracle plugin with SDK 1.1.3

  • Hello to everyone :)

    Yesterday I downloaded the most recent Qt SDK (1.1.3) with Qt Creator 2.3 and all that stuff for Windows and was trying to create a simple Qt application that conects to a Oracle database. I read that I need to build the Oracle plugin (, basically it says something like this :

    set INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%;c:\oracle\oci\include
    set LIB=%LIB%;c:\oracle\oci\lib\msvc
    cd %QTDIR%\src\plugins\sqldrivers\oci

    my problem is that I can not found the file in my Qt installation...

    All i have is this path : C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\msvc2008\plugins\sqldrivers

    but no src folder...

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to solve this? Do I need to update something? or install something else?

    Thanks in advance.


    [edit : moved to the installation subforum, Eddy]

  • You must choose QtSources from Qt SDK.
    Qt SDK-> Miscellaneous -> QtSources

  • Thanks cincirin I found the sorces where you indicated.

    Now I'm having another problem :S ...

    After running nmake I get the following error :

    main.cpp : fatal error C1902 Program database manager mismatch; please check your installation

    I have nno idea what this means

    Please Help!!

  • It's some microsoft weird compiler error. Try to google search to solve it. I found "Program database manager mismatch": Seems to renaming mspdb80.dll from VC install/bin resolve the problem.
    But you can try other troubleshooting ...

  • Hi cincirin,

    After a lot of "googling" I managed to create qsqlocid4.dll an lib.

    One last question, how can I create the release versions?

    I suppose it's done with some flag or something, Can you please tell me which one?

    Thanks a lot. :)

  • Good to hear that. Would be better if you can tell how you solved the problem for other users to see.
    About the release version "see all commands line":

  • Maybe there are other solutions, but the one that worked for me was the following:

    Copy : mspdb80.dll,

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin

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