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[SOLVED]Blink text in table

  • I got at tableview with items from a model.

    Some of the rows should "Blink"
    Just like in html and the Blink tag

    I Use a QBrush (myBlink) to set the color of the text.

    In a timerevent I simple change the Qbrush (myBlink) color but nothing happens.

    I know that the timerevent runs.

    I have tried to repaint the tabelview but nothing happens.

    is it possible to do like this:
    Maybe i should use the paintevent or something;
    pls help

  • if you have a custom model (so using the QTableView, not QTableModel), you could change the data in the model and send dataCHanged signal. If you use the widgets style (QTableWidget) you can change the background color for the item in the widget. it should update immediatly.

  • Thank you but i don't think that this is the solution.(Maybe!)
    I suppose that I have to loop thru the whole model if I use your replay.
    and set the datamodels data.

    That's a final solution that I hope to avoid

  • You can't avoid that solution. You MUST emit dataChanged with a proper range in order to make the view fetch the new values for the foreground text color (then provide the new color in data()).

  • Ok I try

    Any cute loop to use


  • Do you have a standard model or a custom one?

    If you have a custom model, it's fairly trivial. Yust store the data inside it and call

    emit dataChanged(createIndex(firstRow, blinkColumn), createIndex(lastRow, blinkColumn));

  • I solved it in my own way.
    @void Logs::BlinkTextRows()


    int row_count = model->rowCount();
    int col_count = model->columnCount();
    QModelIndex index;
    for( int i = 0; i < row_count; i++ )
           if (model->item(i,3)->data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString().compare("yes",Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
                    if (model->item(i,4)->data(Qt::CheckStateRole) == Qt::Unchecked)
                      for (int j = 0;j < col_count;j++)
                          index = model->indexFromItem(model->item(i,j));
                          if (hidden)
                              model->setData(index, myblink, Qt::ForegroundRole);
                              model->setData(index, myblink, Qt::ForegroundRole);
                   } //if model..
              } //if compare
    }//For i
    if (hidden)
        hidden = false;
        hidden = true;


    It wasn't so hard in the end

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