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Qt Installer Framework: How to disable/enable Next button in script

  • Hello all.
    I'm trying to define a condition on the path allowed for my application to be installed to,. I'm detecting the textChanged signal from TargetDirectoryLineEdit QLineEdit, and doing my condition there.
    The issue is, whatever I use, I can't disable the "Next" button. Tried:
    (var widget = gui.pageById(QInstaller.TargetDirectory);)
    widget.complete = false; and
    buttons.NextButton.disabled = false; and
    but nothing works (last isn't exposed to JS side).

    Any ideas?

  • Moderators

    So the widget is the button? You should find the button and then call setEnabled(false) or button.enabled = false.

    That's my guess, I can't test now :/

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