Font size change for right click menu items and tooltip font change for mainwindow close, min, max buttons

  • I was just reading that there is a way to change a system font but they say is a bad idea.
    so to sum this up, i need a right click menu font that is bigger then size 9 and i need a tooltip font bigger than size 9 for the mainwindow close and min max buttons. thank you.

  • You are making a statement, not asking a question. What did you try so far? What happened, and what did you expect to happen instead?

    edit: You already learned how to change the font of a combobox. Perhaps you can apply that knowledge a bit more generally?

  • hi Andre. when i right click the comboBox, i see a menu. I would like that menu to be in a bigger font. also, at the mainwindow.cpp, when i hold the mouse at the big "X" at the top right of the screen, the "X" that closes the mainwindow, a tooltip is displayed. I would like to make the text in the tooltip bigger.

  • anyone know how to set the tooltip at the close button at the top right side of the mainwindow?

  • That big X is not part of your Qt application. It is up to the window manager to style it.

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