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Include js files to the web app created by Qt

  • I would like to call the js libraries by EM_JS, I try to manually include the scripts in the html file(app_name.html ) after compiled. Like


    <scirpt src="js/config.js"><script>


    window._config =  {
    api : {
    invokeUrl: 'abcd"


    EM_JS(char*, get_invoke_url, (), {
    var jsString = window._config.api.invokeUrl;
    var lengthBytes = lengthBytesUTF8(jsString)+1;
    var stringOnWasmHeap = _malloc(lengthBytes);
    stringToUTF8(jsString, stringOnWasmHeap, lengthBytes);
    return stringOnWasmHeap;

    void process_input_text::on_pushButtonSelectCharsInFile_clicked()
    char *url = get_invoke_url();

    After I call the on_pushButtonSelectCharsInFile_clicked, it give me error message 
    **TypError : window._config is undefined**
    How should I include the js file in order to call it from c++?Thanks

  • @tham said in Include js files to the web app created by Qt:

    <scirpt src="js/config.js"><script>

    Try spelling script correctly?

  • @jonb Thanks, tried it, but still the same.

    I include the script like

    <script src='config.js'></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    //codes generated by Qt

    different part is I change window to Module
    Now it complain Module._config is undefined

  • Wonder if it is caused by name conflict etc, so I change it to

    var _global_config =  {
    api : {
    invokeUrl: 'abcd"

    call it in EM_JS as


    Ok, at last it works. Maybe window._config and Module._config works too, maybe I was forgot to update the html or wrong spelling etc, I am not sure, sometimes this kind of small errors are hard to spot, hope someday we could have compile time error for them.

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