Newest QTCreator (4.10.0) does not execute all build steps anymore when building through context menu

  • In my Qmake project where I develop a set of shared libraries, I used to right click on the corresponding subdir and issue a build or rebuild from there.

    QTCreator then used to perform all my build steps that I configured for the current configuration. Usually

    • qmake
    • make
    • make install

    Now with the latest release, that I installed yesterday, when I build that way from the context menu, it only runs

    • qmake
    • make

    When I hit the build button in the lower left corner of the IDE however, it executes all build steps but of course for the whole project, not only for the subdir project.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong and how I get the context menu build entry to execute my install step again?


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    Hi @devjb,

    So do I understand it correctly, that

    • building from the subproject context menu only runs qmake and make
    • building with the hammer or Ctrl+B runs qmake, make and make install?

    Also, can you confirm that with latest release you mean 4.10.0?

  • Correct!

    4.10., Installed it yesterday.

    I am referring to the Windows build. I did not try it on any of my linuxes so far.

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    Hi @devjb,

    I suggest you bring this topic up to the Qt Creator mailing list or directly create a report at (In that case - please post a link here so others can follow).

    For the bugreport it would be best to attach a minimal example to reproduce the problem - makes fixing the bug so much easier.


  • @devjb
    I would check your project files for what exactly is supposed to issue the final make install to see why it is not being performed. Something may have changed in the environment/installation which affects it?

  • I am not sure what you mean by "what exactly is supposed to issue the final make install". I defined an additional build step after the default make step which runs make install. Nothing more. I will issue a bug report later today with a minimal example and link it here.

  • @devjb I have encountered the same issue today with qtcreator version 4.10.
    Did you already created a bug report?

    I have noticed that only "make build steps" are affected, but not the "custom build steps". Also the additional build steps are only skipped if I launch the build on a sub-project. If I launch the build process for the entiere top-level-project all build steps are called for each sub-projects (i.e. 1st: make, 2nd: make install).

  • I created a corresponding issue:

    Thank you for the hint with the custom step instead of make step. Indeed, a "custom step" will work.

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    Hi @devjb,

    thanks for the report and the example project.

    I have two comments for that:

    1. Please don't share the .pro.user file. It is only thought to be used on your single machine.
    2. Please don't use CONFIG+=ordered, please refer to for more information


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