HTML5 Local Storage not working in QtWebkit browser

  • I am trying to run my jQuery Mobile application in nokia symbian
    devices. In my application ajax navigation and local storage are the
    mandatory part. According to jQuery mobile supported mobile list, the
    nokia symbian devices( symbian^1,symbian^3) not supporting ajax
    navigation. So i tried with meego 1.2 device i.e. nokia N9 using the Qt
    creator IDE. I used javascript to access local storage, but it is not

    I don't know how to enable the local storage in that IDE for my javascript.

    Then i searched in internet they give some step to enable it.
    ie. Set QWebSettings::LocalStorageEnabled to true. Which is present in
    QtWebKit. So i downloaded QtWebKit 2.2 which is the latest version and
    followed some step to build QtWebKit. After that i opened the
    C:\QtWebKit\Source\WebKit\qt\Api\QWebSettings.cpp and changed the
    LocalStorageEnabled to true.

    d->attributes.insert(QWebSettings::OfflineStorageDatabaseEnabled, true);

    d->attributes.insert(QWebSettings::OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled, true);
    d->attributes.insert(QWebSettings::LocalStorageEnabled, true);

    but then also local storage is not working.

    Then in that QtWebKit, i opened QtWebkit browser and in Devlop
    menu i mark Enable local storage then i run my program but still the
    local storage is not working.

    Please help me to solve this issue...

    [EDIT: code formatting, please wrap in @-tags, Volker]

  • Please have a try with following APIs to provide the offline data path

    void setOfflineStorageDefaultQuota ( qint64 maximumSize )
    void setOfflineStoragePath ( const QString & path )
    void setOfflineWebApplicationCachePath ( const QString & path )
    void setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota ( qint64 maximumSize )

  • Hi,
    I am trying to enable application cache(offline webstorage) by just with the following api settings()->enablePersistentStorage("C:\dd\");
    With this api,I should see LocalStorage and ApplicationStorage folders in C:\dd .But I am seeing only LocalStorage folder in the C:\dd.

    I have even tried with the below code
    settings()->setOfflineWebApplicationCachePath("C:\dd\AppCac he");
    I dont see any AppCache folder in C:\dd directory

    Can anyone help me what has gone wrong ...

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