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how to split a string and set as variable then show in plaintext editor?

  • Hello I search a line and find it and show in plaintext editor.

    But I wantto split the line and show only some parts.
    file look like this ;
    prm1 ;456
    prm2;235 and it goes on.

    When it finds prm1 it should set prm1=456;
    and then I should show it on plain text editor. Tried split() but after split I can not show it on the plaintext editor.

    Please help me to do it.

    ifstream input;
    size_t pos;
    string line;"D:/qt/project/QFileDemo/myfile.txt");
    pos = line.find("<Prm1>");
    if(pos!=string::npos) // string::npos is returned if string is not found

     QFile file("D:/qt/project/QFileDemo/myfile.txt");
     if(! | QFile::Text))
         QMessageBox::warning(this,"title","file not open");
     QTextStream in(&file);
     //QString text=in.readAll();
     QString text=in.readLine();


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Why do you mix std and Qt here? Why do you need ifstream at all?
    Splitting strings can be done with e.g. QString::split()

  • @christian-ehrlicher I need to find a specific line, there will be hundreds of lines. code is done in c++ thats why ifstream. You can suggest other methods.
    Tried splitting, maybe Splitting fine but how to set them as variables and show them in the plaintexteditor ? thats the actual question.
    Tried many things but could not show them in the plaintext editor.

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    You already use QTextStream::readLine() - so why do you read it with ifstream before? You simply read it twice for no reason.