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QWebEnginePage and Console-Debugging question

  • Hello,

    I am using the QWebEnginePage within a QWebEngineView.

    When the page is loaded (http://localhost:8081 - a local WebApp) I will get all the console messages from Chrome.
    E.g. [2392:4952:0830/103609.026:INFO:CONSOLE(29)] "1567154151593", source: http://localhost:8001/ (29)

    "1567154151593" is a timestamp I wrote via javascript console.log(;

    I have also overwritten the javaScriptConsoleMessage function with an empty body. But this will take no effect. The messages still prints out to console. When I set a breakpoint into that function I will see the message that will be printed after exitting the function.

    I also tried to set the logging by QLoggingCategory::setFilterRules("js=false");
    But this takes no effect too.

    Is it even possible to disable the chrome console printing?


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