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Password Manager with QWidgets application on mobile

  • Hi,

    I am creating an iOS (Android in the future) QWidgets Application that requires users to enter their credentials to connect to a server. So on startup the user is presented with a dialog window with two QLineEdits - username and password.

    I would like the users to optionally store their credentials in a password manager (like LastPass , Dashlane, 1Pass, etc) of their choice and be prompted to use their password manage to fill in credentials fields when they are promoted to login.

    With other apps I personally use - I can usually auto fill my credentials into username and password fields like that from LastPass . It seems as if my phone recognizes those as password fields and then automatically gives me the option to auto fill from LastPass.

    Is it possible to add this functionality to a QWidgets Application running on iOS or Android?

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    You should contact the folks from LastPass to check how applications can integrate/communicate with their application.

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