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QtDBus com::blah::test Interface fails to receive dbus-send signals and unittest signals

  • I already posed the question on Stackoverflow and can be found here:

    System information:
    Ubuntu 16.04

    I'm fairly new to QT development, and for the past few weeks have been successfully developing a QtDBus application structured around DBus signals only, with unittest and BDD test (python scripts + dbus-send) and all has been going well.

    <!DOCTYPE node PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Object Introspection 1.0//EN">
    <interface name="com.blah.XYZ">
        <signal name="Event">
            <arg name="event_json" type="s" direction="out"/>
        <method name="AuthenticateUser">
            <arg name="auth_req_json" type="s" direction="in"/>
            <arg name="result" type="s" direction="out"/>

    Now that I wanted to add dbus method calls, I found that I'm unable to make those calls through the Qt interface created from the xml. Then I realised this whole time I was creating the interface with empty strings for the service name, and path. I was following the DBUS Chat example that creates interface same way i'm doing below.

    #include "xyz_interface.hxx"
    com::blah::Xyz interface = new com::blah::Xyz(QString(), QString(), QDBusConnection::systemBus(), this);
    connect(interface , &com::blah::Xyz::Event, this, &SomeClass::HandleEvents)

    unit test as such worked in triggering HandleEvents function;

    QDBusMessage xyz_signal = QDBusMessage::createSignal(
    "/com/blah/XYZ", "com.blah.XYZ", "Event");
    xyz_signal << "hello";
    ASSERT_TRUE(connection.send(xyz_signal ));

    this dbus-send command worked in triggering HandleEvents function

    dbus-send --system --type=signal /com/blah/XYZ com.blah.XYZ.Event string:"hello"

    The way I confirmed that I'm unable to call methods, I created a python test dbus service that printed hello when the method call to it was successful. Using d-feet I was able to call the python method, but not able to do so from my QT code.

    When I created the interface using actual name and path as such;

    com::blah::XYZ interface = new com::blah::XYZ("com.blah.XYZ", "/com/blah/XYZ", QDBusConnection::systemBus(), this);

    Then I was able to call the interface method interface->AuthenticateUser(str) from the python dbus service, but now i'm unable to receive any signals sent by dbus-send or the unit test code is failing.

    pls help!


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