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Examples of using Qt Installer Framework to package a Python application for Linux/Windows/MacOS?

  • I have a Python application that I'd like to package using the Qt Installer Framework, as this is being used by another colleague to package his C++/Qt application and we'd like to use the same installer for both if possible (and PyInstaller has not worked as advertised).

    I've not found examples of how a Python application can be packaged for installation using the Qt Installer Framework. If a tutorial or some other example of this is available then please point me in the right direction.

    My application monitors a video feed and performs object detection on individual frames more or less in real time. It uses Python, OpenCV, SQLAlchemy, Keras, and TensorFlow. My assumption is that I'll want to package a minimal Python distribution/interpreter and the required libraries, and provide a hook for the user to launch the application's main script. An example of how this can be done using the Qt Installer Framework is what I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance with this, I appreciate your help.

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