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QML Text field with google keyboard suggestion error

  • In my mobile app, I'm writing a search bar. I use qml TextArea to get the user input. When a user is typing, the app checks for the change of the text every second, and if the text changed, it will send a request to the server with the new text as the query.
    Now the problem is with android keyboard. If google autosuggestion is on, whenever I type, the textChanged signal is emitted, but when I print the text (onTextChanged callback), the part of the input that is underline (by google auto suggest, as shown in is not in the text.

    Here is the part of the code

    onTextChanged: {
    console.log(messageInput.text, messageInput.text.length)

    if I keep typing but without a space, etc., then the google autosuggest underline is still there, and I will keep getting the same text, until I press space or any punctuation mark

    how do fix this?

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