Cannot open QT linguist on Linux (Ubuntu)

  • I have installed Qt Creator 4.9.0, Based on Qt 5.12.2 on Linux (Ubuntu)

    and I want to run linguist

    I successfully used Linguist on Windows where I performed these three steps:

    1. In QTCreator, click Tools\External\Linguist\Update Translations (lupdate)

    2. Open linguist and enter the foreign text.

    3. In QTCreator, click Tools\External\Linguist\Release Translations (lrelease)

    On Linux, step 2 does not work because the file /opt/Qt/5.12.2/gcc_64/bin\linguist will not open and so I cannot enter foreign text.

    File properties for linguist show

        type = executable (application/x-executable)
        execute = allow executing file as program

    How can this file be run?

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    What happens when you run /opt/Qt/5.12.2/gcc_64/bin/linguist from terminal? Any error messages?

    If you get errors about missing Qt libraries, then you need to run this:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH= /opt/Qt/5.12.2/gcc_64/lib

    You can put that export line in your .profile file so it will always be defined. Also, don't install Qt to /opt if you don't have to. Installing into user directory is fine.

    Alternatively: install linguist from your Linux distribution. It's boths forward- and backward-compatible so it does not matter which Linguist version you run.

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