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Using the system function in qmake

  • I was trying to run the system command in qmake and execute a perl one liner.

    Would anyone know what this command is not properly interpreted by qmake version 4?

    @CMD2 = $$system(perl -MCwd -MFile::Basename -MFile::Spec -e '$=&getcwd();while($ ne "/"){if( -e File::Spec->catfile($,"rules.make")){print $;last;} $=dirname($);} ' )
    message("CMD " $${CMD2} )

    I accidentally used qmake version 3 and it ran fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I don't know the exact reason why it fails. It does not work on my box either.

    You can put the perl code into its own file and call that using

    CMD2 = $$system(perl findRulesMake.pl)

    This works for me.

  • Thanks.
    Using a file is where I started but I still have to know where the file is. My hope was to have a small line in each of my project files that determined the location of the specific file.

    Although I would love to know why Qt3 runs in fine and Qt4 qmake does not.

    I figured out a qmake project file version that seems to work.


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