Deploying an Android qml app with own dynamic libs

  • I started to split my Android qml/C++ application to some dynmic link libraries by using subdirs template. The compilation and build of the different dynamic libraries seem to work. However, how are they integrated into the apk archive?

    At the moment they are located in the different build folders. Using DESTDIR failed at the move command with an error message that the dynamic link libs are not present. However, they were created and present. Therefore, I assume that this is a privilage problem with windows and Android tool chain. Nevertheless all is now distributed and needs to be collected for creation of the apk file.

    Is there a work around? Or am I missing something here?

  • OK, I have mastered to look around in creator and found the possibility of "Additional Libraries" under "build Android APK"
    A bit embarrassing. Should have had a look around before.

    Will mark to soved after success. There is still an issue

  • Found a bug when adding libraries there.
    Here is a link to the bug report
    The only way to get it to work is with the libraries in the same folder as the project PWD. Otherwise i have gotten always two concatenated absolute path which are causing an error message in building APK archive.