how to create installer for installing two application?

  • we create one application by our self. and another application is created by another party. I would like to add two application two a.exe and b.exe in one installer file. What is good way to create single installer for two Qt application.

    Note: In control panel, both application should show.

  • @Yash001

    Basically you create a folder structure you like under the folder central package folder. Each of those folders hold a "data" and a "meta" folder with appropriate content. The installer does not really care what is in there. I have simply added data folders and handle them as my separate dll and exe folders. Within the package.xml in each meta folder you define the rest of how to show and where to store and possibly more things.

  • @koahnig Thank you for guidance. By adding new component (package.xml , and installscript.qs) in package. I am able to add another application (.exe) file in to same Installer.

    Here the script which I added in installscript.qs.

    function Component() {
    Component.prototype.createOperations = function() {
    	if (systemInfo.productType === "windows") {
                   component.addOperation("Execute", "{0,1638}", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe", "/install", "/passive", "/norestart");
                   component.addOperation("Delete", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe");

    How can I identify component.addOperation("Execute", "{0,1638}", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe", "/install", "/passive", "/norestart"); is generated error or not?

    If it is generated error then I don't want to stop my installation process. I want to just notify to user like AnayasisTool.exe is not install.

  • @Yash001

    That is beyond my experience level. No help possible from my side.