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Unable to create a debugging engine despite having the debugger setup.

  • Hi,
    I just installed QTcreator on a new machine and i seem to have some trouble to get the debugger working lately. The path exists and the gdb executable is there. However I will get a "Unable to create a debugging engine" error despite that .

    The setup

    The pro


    Im scratching my head over this one ...

    Thank you for your input

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    Hi @graouss,

    can you please post the contents for Windows > Views > Debugger Log? They might give us some more insight what's going on.


  • Hello exactly same problem since I updated qtCreator 4.12 ( kits and debbuger are automatically found and plug-in debugger option checked) but always this error Unable to create a debugging engine. Please if some one has a solution post it ! Nothing in debbuger log.

  • If you are installing 5.5.1 for Visual Studio 2013 64 or 32bit, 2012 32bit, 201032bit. ... Unable to create a debugger engine of the type "No engine" ... Now you can debug again, or at least I could mysubwaycard; the problem happened to me when I ... for me) then this is a valid answer, although I actually went for the SDK.

  • This post is deleted!

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