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Bysmbolic Function Error

  • I am currently cross-compiling QT 4.x.x right now. I got this version of QT as part of the SDK package, the SDK does not configure the QT so I have to do it separately before I can work on the main porting task.

    Had some problems along the way with configuration but was able to look for an answer here and there. Unfortunately this last one, I could not find an answer so I have to ask the guru here.

    Please don't flame me, this is my first time compiling QT so I still don't know anything.

    There were some unnecessary options so I had to remove it during configuration:
    ./configure -debug -embedded arm -opensource -little-endian -openssl-linked -reduce-exports -reduce-relocations -qt-gfx-directfb -no-dbus -depths 32 -webkit -qt-gif -platform linux-g++ -xplatform linux-g++ -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-freetype -qt-zlib -no-sql-postgres -no-sql-mysql -no-sql-oracle -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-nis -no-libtiff -no-iconv -no-libmng -nomake translations -nomake demos -nomake examples -nomake tools -nomake docs -no-glib -no-javascript-jit -no-svg -no-declarative -no-scripttools -no-xmlpatterns -no-multimedia -no-accessibility -no-exceptions -no-script -no-sql-odbc -no-sql-tds -no-sql-sqlite2

    during make I got the following error , which I have no idea how to fix now :(
    /usr/bin/ld: unrecognized option '-Bsymbolic-functions'
    /usr/bin/ld: use the --help option for usage information
    collect2: ld exit with status 1.
    make[1]: *** [../../lib/] Error 1
    make[1]: exit from directory ../3rdParty/qt/src/corelib'
    make: *** [sub-corelib-make_default-ordered] error 2

    Checking the PATH, there is a qt3-3/bin in it, does this affect anything ?

    Please somebody help me :(

  • I have change a bit in my configuration file, the error was gone but now am facing with uic3 errors ..

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