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Issue with QtWebEngineProcess.exe

  • Hi all,

    I am doing one app (with multiple page) that uses QtWebEngine to show the html content for the user to see. However, once the user exited from that page. My App is unable to refocus and was stuck at QtWebEgineProcess, for now the only way to make it refresh is to click outside of my app or I disable my intel graphics driver (I guess its the OpenGL that both the driver and QtWebEngineProcess.exe uses have some issue). However, I am making my app to be full screen. Therefore, is there any way for me to de-focus QtWebEngineeProcess.exe.

    I am using Qt5.8, windows 64bit.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Did you try your app on other pc to verify its not just local ?
    There have been many issues with intel gfx drivers over the years in
    relation to openGL.

  • Hi @mrjj ,

    I tried using my other pc it works fine, only that laptop having issue. Due to some reason, I cannot upgrade my intel graphics driver so trying to fix this issue. I am going to try upgrading to qt 5.12 to see if it is able to resolve.

  • Hi @mrjj,

    I manage to resolve by upgrading to qt5.12 and Microsoft visual studio 2017. However, when I want to call an external keyboard (a separate exe file) . It is always been block by QtWebengineprocess.exe, how to bring my external keyboard forward?


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