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GPU profiler missing from webengine

  • Hi all!

    I'm currently debugging a slow performance in JS game that runs on top of QTWebEngine inside an embedded kiosk solution of our own. The game works fine in development but slows down inside our Opengl ES / QT / WebEngine environment.

    Here's our QML setup:

    When I try to debug it via debugging-port on desktop (developer tools -> performance -> record ) I get a graph that consists of:

    • frames

    • main

    • gpu
      When I do the same on the running embedded (connect to running WebEngine chromium instance and repeat the same procedure described above) I get different graph:

    • interactions

    • main

    • raster

    What's missing from the QT WebEngine profiler is the GPU call history.

    Is GPU profiling, something specifically disabled in WebEngine or is it just not available at all?

  • I have the same performance issue. Did you find a solution to this performance problem?

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