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Qt Creator Ctrl + left click does nothing when using custom Kit...

  • I have problem with syntax highlighting and link opening when i use qt in the following scenario.

    I have successfully installed and used Qt 5.11.2 libs and Qt Creator 4.7.1 included, and everything works fine. I can compile, and install and use every feature of Qt Creator. Then i had to compile a project with older version of qt libs, version 4.8.1. I have done the following steps.

    1. Downloaded mingw 4.4
    2. Compiled qt 4.8.1 from sources
    3. Installed builded qt libs.
    4. edited the qt.conf file to point to the right location...
    5. In Qt i have created a new Kit, with mingw 4.4 compiler and Qt version just installed.

    The project can compile correctly with this new kit based on library of 4.8.1, and executable works fine. The problem is that in Qt Creator, when i work with this new kit, sintax highlighting is changed, and opening links with usual 'Ctrl + Left Click' does nothing, also autocomplete is not working... and this is very frustrating. What i am ignoring? What i am doing wrong?

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    Hi @emazed,

    Do you have the Clang Code Model active? Then you could try to deactivate it in Help > About Plugins > Clang Code Model and see if that helps.

  • Hi @aha_1980,
    that solved the problem. Thank you!!

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