Qt Installer non-interactive generic deselectComponent

  • Hi,

    I'm writting a bash script to install Qt without any user interaction for a given version (that I store in the QT_INSTALL_VERSION variable), basically, it runs /path/to/qt-opensource-linux-x64-${QT_INSTALL_VERSION}.run --script qt-installer-script.qs --platform minimal --verbose (for example /path/to/qt-opensource-linux-x64-5.12.1.run --script qt-installer-script.qs --platform minimal --verbose), this works well, except for a small issue, I can't get qt-installer-script.qs to actually be generic, indeed, I want to deselect some components, that, unfortunately, are version dependent, for example to remove Android ARMv7 I need to call deselectComponent("qt.qt5.5121.android_armv7").
    Is there a more generic name for the component, for example I would expect simply calling it on "qt.android_armv7" (I know I can do some tricks with QT_INSTALL_VERSION variable to build component name but I would like to have it completely generic).

    Also, is there a way to find all possible component names other that installing all then looking at /path/to/QtInstall/components.xml and search for what we want to remove (I couldn't find anything in https://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/noninteractive.html)?


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