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What is the Qt Friendly ARM based SBC ?

  • Hi,

    We are struggling to install Qt5.12 to NanoPc T4. We choosed it because 2xA72 and 4xA53 config.

    Is there any guide or list that Qt compileable SbC list specially Arm A72 2.0ghz based cpus ?

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    @RahibeMeryem Are you trying to compile Qt directly on NanoPc T4?
    And what problems do you actually have?

  • We installed Armbian

    (Default Friendly elec Qt desktop version working ok but when power down its corrupting boot device so not booting time to time)

    In armbian we finally compiled and only working on the xcb environment.

    How we can utilize the eglfs ?

    Raspberry pi 3 b+ could be slow for some app and also lack of ram. Jetson Tx2 is (which is also problomatic ie fonts ,) . so rockchip 3399 and mali gpu popular in our situation .


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