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Screen rotation 90° in framebuffer mode

  • Hello, How can I rotate screen 90° in framebuffer mode?
    I tried
    ./calculator -platform linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb0:rotation=90

    I see src/plugins/platforms/linuxfb/qlinuxfbscreen.cpp not supporting it.
    Moreover my application completely ignores any settings into this file

    bool QLinuxFbScreen::initialize()
    QRegularExpression ttyRx(QLatin1String("tty=(.)"));
    QRegularExpression fbRx(QLatin1String("fb=(.
    QRegularExpression mmSizeRx(QLatin1String("mmsize=(\d+)x(\d+)"));
    QRegularExpression sizeRx(QLatin1String("size=(\d+)x(\d+)"));
    QRegularExpression offsetRx(QLatin1String("offset=(\d+)x(\d+)"));

    Thank you

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    What version of Qt are you using ?

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