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openembedded meta-qt5 license

  • I'm developing an application that I want to run on a Raspberry Pi. I've been developing and testing it in on my laptop and now it's time to move it to the target device.

    I've started reading the Raspberry Pi 3 Guide and Qt Board Support Packages (QBSP) and then found out I can create my own QBSP with the Yocto Project tools.

    My questions are:

    • Is meta-qt5 part of Qt for Device Creation?
    • Can I use meta-qt5 to generate a qt software stack without a Qt Commercial License?

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    hi @rrd0 and welcome.

    I'm taking a guess here and say no, it's not part of the Qt for Device Creation.

    The umbrella for qt and yocto integration is , as far as I know, Boot To Qt

    but, to be honest, this is something you should bring to the customer support / sales team.
    They will try to sell you a licence ;-), but by all means, they should be able to answer your question and do so eventually.

  • Answering my own question,

    meta-qt5 is licensed under the MIT License. So I can use it without restriction.

    P.S.: I thought I couldn't use meta-qt5 without holding a Qt Commercial License because I saw there is a Qt-Company-Commercial license file in the directory licenses. But those are (I guess) licenses for Qt Software, not meta-qt5 layer.

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