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Is there a way to test different android setups in parallel?

  • I got Qt 5.11.3 to work for Android compilations. Since I have already Qt5.12.0 for Android installed I thought to check the differences respective to try to get it to work as well.

    Certainly I can change the Tool kit in creator, but under devices there are the Android specific parts concerning SDK and NDK. There is no way to easily change them to another combination. Is there a work around known?

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    Project->Build->Build Android APKs. There you can set up your API level etc. If you want to use a different SDK / NDK completely - Qt Creator does not offer such option.

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    I don't know of an easy way, and it's driving me crazy, as I have multiple projects open and at least one is only compatible with 5.11.3.

    That said, I haven't jet tested it, but maybe you can open multiple instances of QtCreator and set one instance to 5.12 and one to 5.11.3 ?

    Should potentially work, depending on if and how the settings are saved, read, and shared.

  • @sierdzio @J-Hilk

    I am going to try with the two instances of creator. However, I think there might be an issue when changing the SDK and NDK versions. Last week I got the impression that there might be an update issue when changed under devices.

  • @J-Hilk

    Yes, I can start two instances of creator and use different settings for Android devices.
    Not really comfortable, but it is working.

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