stdexcept file not found error while build QtApp for Android with ndk-r18b

  • I am trying to build my QtApp for Android running commercial version of Qt with the following environment:

    Qt version: 5.9.7
    QtCreator version: 4.7.2
    Android ndk version: android-ndk-r18b
    Devenv: MacOS High Sierra

    I get the following error for one of my files including stdexcept

    fatal error: 'stdexcept' file not found

    This started happening after clicked yes on a upgrade message I got on my QtCreator. Else the code was compiling fine.

    How can get around the error?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    NDK-r18b is supported since Qt 5.12. You can either use an older version of the NDK like suggested in the Android getting started document or update Qt.

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