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I would like to try and use QT for my development IDE

  • TBH I know how to use QT. Well, I know how to program QT GUI's; however, I have never used QT Creator. Is it possible to use QT creator much like I use Eclipse as a full blow IDE? Can it import an build an existing C/C++ QT application with its own existing makefile?

    For instance, if I want to import my application into eclipse its as easy as:

    File:New Project:C++ Project:Makefile project:Empty Project and I can select the toolchain (Linux GCC) in most instances. I can then specify a build command option say:

    ${ProjDirPath}/parmake -j %cpu_count% NOISY=1 DEVICE=P51

    and it will build the project just fine. Does QT Creator have a similar ability?

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    I think most answers to your questions can be found in Qt Creator's manual.

    By the way, it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime.

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    Hi @RobM, is what you are searchin for ;)

    Btw: I use this everyday.


  • I am in the Build Settings menu creating a Custom Process Step wondering about this Working Directory. It says:

    Working directory: %{buildDir}

    Should I just leave that be or do I need to specify a path of some sort?

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    That variable will be automatically replaced by the folder you setup during the configuration phase of your project.

  • Okay I managed to get it to compile. Does Qt creator have a 'Open Declaration' function or something similar? My code base is substantial something like 500+ C++ files. I need to be able to quickly identify how a function works and where the call is coming from or going too.

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    @RobM F2 or Ctrl+Click should do that. Best read the manual, there are tons of features not visible at firdt sight.

  • @aha_1980 I wonder if my project isn't setup correctly then. For instance:

    void ToolsViewConsoleAbout_MainPage::updateAutoSteerVerInfo()
        m_autoSteerVerInfo = QLatin1String("");
        if (TJM::autoSteer().haveDevice())
          m_autoSteerVerInfo = makeVersionString(TJM::autoSteer().firmwareVersion(),

    Ctrl+Click isn't following: switchboxIsm(), firmwareVersion(), autoSteer() or haveCompatibleDevice() to their declarations. I am assuming this is because they are declared outside of this .cpp file in another .cpp (inside the same directory). Whereas, if I Ctrl+Click say: m_autoSteerVerInfo it will take me to the declaration inside of the current .cpp's header file.

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    do you have . (for current directory) in your .includes file?


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