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Rest Service

  • Hello All
    I had read about the REST service on the Internet. Can you clarify for me the REST service, do I understood it correctly.

    I want to write a mobile application that will only insert data on the remote MySQL database. So for this I need to install and configure the REST server which will be connected to the MySQL database, and on the mobile application there will be a REST client that will be connected to the REST server. It will be look like in the picture

    Which server for REST SERVER is better to use JSON-Server or Cutelyst. And which REST CLIENT on qml you will advise?


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    From the looks of it, JSON-Server is for mockup backend creation so it won't really help you here if you want to validate that your database is working as expected.

    You can go with cutelyst or the Django REST framework, Flask RESTFul. etc.

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