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Settings for Android development (also for PySide2)

  • Hi,

    A few questions about setting up the development environment for Android:

    I have followed carefully the instructions in

    Here are some screen captures from the options menu:


    Here from projects:


    .. note the text "device type not supported by Qt version" in the pop-up text .. even my qt version is 5.9 !

    What is still missing? I installed qtcreator using the "sudo apt-get install" command. I'm running Ubuntu 18.

    The second question is ..

    What is the status of

    Python3 + PySide2 + Android ?

    All the articles (including those in Qt wiki) are obsolete and lead nowhere. Many of them are 2+ years old.



  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Not that carefully: you installed NDK r18 while r10e is recommend. From some posts I've seen, it seems that r17 might be an option. But IIRC with r18, gcc was dropped and is now a symlink to clang.

    More information about Python on Android can be find here.

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