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Need help with Passing value for Qt Symbian

  • Hi
    I am very new to Qt. I have been trying to pass values from one form to another. i looked at so many discussions here and searched online but am unable to follow any of it. so i am hopping someone will help me.

    I have two forms:
    1- mainwindow.ui has tableView
    2- datawindow.ui has lineEdit and textEdit

    when i click on tableview in mainwindow.ui i want to pass values of column 1 and column 2 to lineEdit and textEdit in datawindow.ui .

    can someone tell me a simple way to do this? i will be very thankful if someone can write down what to code and where.

    Many thanks for helping me.

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    This question has been asked and answered many times already. Please search the forum a bit. Qt’s own documentation is also filled with examples that shows that kind of stuf.

    Depending on how your application works, either use signal and slots to transfer data between forms. If a dialog, you can give it getters to retrieve the values you want after use and then use them further.

    Out of curiosity, why Symbian ?

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