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  • I'm developing a robot steer simulator. There must be a simple 3D scene map editor. It must have an availability to add simple figures such as cube, pyramid cone etc. Map should be viewed in 2 different positions of camera in same time (not necessary but desirable). What should I chose for it? QGLGraphicsViewportItem or QGLView and QSceneNode? What are the benefits of QGLGraphicsViewportItem?

  • QGLGraphicsViewportItem is more convenient, but now it's not a regular part of Qt.

  • [quote author="Alexander Kuchumov" date="1284967273"]QGLGraphicsViewportItem is more convenient, but now it's not a regular part of Qt.[/quote]

    if it's not regular, but what's it? will it be removed from Qt?

  • No, it will be added later. Now It's on Qt labs.

  • QGLView and QSceneNode are also in Qt labs as all parts of Qt/3D, isn't it?
    Do you know what sre benefits of QGLGraphicsViewportItem? Where it should be used?

  • bq. I’m developing a robot steer simulator eq.

    A robot cow? Nice. Just kidding. I have nothing useful to say I just had to...

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