Resize image to fit in graphics view

  • I have code that display image with its name on listWidget . In that case the image won't fit in the graphics view.I tested some of resizing methods.But it doesn't work.Please take a look my code.

    directory.setNameFilters({"*.png", "*.jpg"});
        for(const QFileInfo & finfo: directory.entryInfoList()){
            auto imageObject = new QImage();
            auto image = QPixmap::fromImage(*imageObject);
            QGraphicsScene *scene = new QGraphicsScene(this);
            QGraphicsView *graphicsView = new QGraphicsView(scene);
      auto    item = new QListWidgetItem("", ui->listWidget_main);
            auto    widget = new QWidget;
            auto    label = new QLabel(finfo.fileName());
            auto    vb = new QVBoxLayout;

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    Why are you creating so many QGraphicsView objects and also why the QImage on the heap rather than on the stack ?

  • @SGaist
    Sorry for late reply, this is just one part of my main code. In my main code I need to display videos , images and textedits on listWidget . I used QIcon to display image thumbnails . But if I use QIcon , I can display all but the images are behind the other widgets. It seems like the images are not arranged in listWidget.Thats why I use graphics view to list in listWidget.Thanks

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    Why are you using a QListWidget if it's only for showing more widgets ?

  • @SGaist
    "Why are you using a QListWidget if it's only for showing more widgets ?"
    For this question , so if I don't use QListWidget , what should I use?
    Suggestion please?
    Here is the output what is going on .
    As U see , the images don't fit.(this is using Graphics View)

  • @Kinesis

    In that case, QLabel is enough. Using QGraphicsView is a very expensive cost.

  • @Devopia53
    OK , I can use QLabel , but how can I resize image to fit in label??
    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • @Kinesis

    Just use QLabel::setScaledContents(true).

  • @Devopia53
    It works! , Thanks.