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Boot2Qt on raspberry pi 0 wifi

  • Goodmorning to all,
    I write you since I have correctly used boot2qt for crosscompile qt for raspberry pi 3, but I don't find raspberry pi zero among the available MACHINE.
    Can you suggest me the needed modification for including raspberry pi 0 wifi board?
    Thank you.

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    Not a direct answer but you should compare the various raspberry pi mkspecs and their corresponding devices. Then you might be able to deduce what modifications you may have to make.

  • Hi,
    use meta-raspberry support, you can add machine raspberrypi0-wifi.conf to your meta-layer

    Cleiton Bueno

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  • Hello to all, thank you for your answer.
    Looking in the meta-boot2qt folders I found that there is already the file indicated, in meta-boot2qt/sources/meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine/raspberrypi0-wifi.conf.

    Instead in the folder meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/conf/distro/include, there are listed all the supported boards and I added a file named raspberrypi0-wifi.conf ( exact copy of raspberrypi.conf of the same folder), but unsuccessfully; when I export MACHINE=raspberrypi0-wifi.conf the MACHINE is not recognize.

    When you say to add raspberrypi0-wifi.conf, in which folder do you mean to add it?
    Thank you.

  • @davidino said in Boot2Qt on raspberry pi 0 wifi:

    export MACHINE=raspberrypi0-wifi.conf

    If the file already exists you do not need to add it again.

    Try this:
    export MACHINE=raspberrypi0-wifi

    Cleiton Bueno

    Blog | Linkedin | B2Open

  • Hello Cleiton Bueno,
    thank you for your message. I miswrote the export MACHINE command, copying and paste. I always do write export MACHINE=raspberrypi0-wifi. In figure 1, the command sequence that I use:

    0_1527186410297_Schermata del 2018-05-24 20-16-55.png

    The content of meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/conf/distro/include is shown on picture2.
    0_1527186331075_Schermata del 2018-05-24 20-18-42.png

    The content of meta-boot2qt/sources/meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine/ is shown in figure3.0_1527186552537_Schermata del 2018-05-24 20-24-59.png

    Today I modified the script source-environment,sh adding raspberrypi0-wifi as follow, and the result changes a little:


    and I get the following errors:
    0_1527187601014_Schermata del 2018-05-24 20-45-11.png

    How that Qt staff didn't provide a tutorial for adding custom boards to their repository?
    Have you got any ideas?
    Thank you for your attention.

  • Why not use raspberrypi0, it's practically the same.

    Look at meta-raspberrypi, raspberrypi0-wifi.conf is the merging of raspberrypi0.conf with raspberrypi.conf

    So use raspberrypi0 and customize the packages you need for WiFi as well as device-tree.

    Cleiton Bueno

    Blog | Linkedin | B2Open

  • Hello,
    I think that the problem has been as follow:

    • As suggested by @Cleiton-Bueno, inside meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/conf/distro/include, I've made a copy of raspberrypi0.conf, renaming it as raspberrypi0-wifi.

    • Modify and b2qt-init-build-env scripts, adding raspberrypi0-wifi among the available machine.

    • Remove the package VALGRIND from the recipe contained in the folder /home/davide/meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/recipes-core/packagegroups**
      Reading in internet, I found out that valgrind package is not compatible with both raspberrypi1, raspberrypi0, raspberrypi0-wifi.

    After that, it worked correctly.
    Thank you for your support.

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