Searching work qt developer

  • I have large experience coding in qt and c++. I coded my own tools, can start a project in any moment and experience with openGL.
    Excellent developer for android or any platform.
    Just writting for if someone is searching some developer.

    • Where are you? Looking for remote work?
    • As a freelance or part/full time?
    • Do you have public repositories?

  • I can work since my home or travel if it is required depeding of which class of work.
    I can work like full time or freelancer or any time.
    The price at the first will not be exigent so i can work cheap for any project.
    I have my own projects coded in qt coded my own tools, i can share info about them, in case of repositories i just worked on publics repositories since github and big libraries coded in net and many others languages, so you can get more or less one idea. But any project i can got the project finished and get excellent results in any programming language.

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