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Qt, Android Studio, Git and repository?

  • Hello,

    I am working on a single person open source project at a company that will create Android-apps in Qt but also test some parts in Android Studio. I would like to sync all projects to home so I can continue the work from home or maybe look at the code on the commuter.

    I dont know really how to abstract and "understand" a repository on Git. And i would like to use git. I have two structures here. Alternative 1 and alternative 2. I think it would be nice if i use alternative 1, because then, i only have one repository. But there might be confligts if i use alternative 1? But i don't know how confused Git, Android Studio and Qt Creator will be if i have both Qt and Android-projects in the same repository.



    For example now i have ~15 Qt projects and 2 Android projects, and i would like to mirror them to GitHub and the two computers i use. For example now a project in Android is a "Repository" in some way, but i dont think it is good configured. What have happened here?

    At github it looks like this:

    And on my drive it looks like this (in the long term i might want qt-projects and android-projects in the same repository):

    What theory need i understand before i proceed? I thought a project might be a repository at some time.

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    @pga4711 Usually each project is in its own repository. If you put more than one project into same repository then you will mix up the history of all these projects, it would be a mess.

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