Threading Acts Differently on the Debugger

  • I'm new to threading and perhaps I didn't do it correctly but I'm seeing one kind of behavior on my desktop, and another kind of behavior on the embedded device (BeagleBone Black).

    My application has a singleton object called a Messenger, which communicates to a server through a tcp/ip pipe. I wanted to run this messenger in a separate thread so I did the following:
    (I typedef the Messenger singleton to Communicator and invoke it with an Instance method)

    typedef Singleton<Messenger> Communicator;

    In the interface,

    class MainWindow : public QMainWindow
        QThread messengerThread;
    ... more code

    and then in the constructor,


    In the main window, I present a progress bar for feedback while the app sets up the main window buttons, labels, etc. I want that progress bar to be shown while the Messenger sends and receives messages from the server.

        dss = new DialogStartupScreen(this);
        dss->incrementProgressBar("Please wait, connecting...");

    The call to processEvents() is meant to make sure the progress bar is displayed.
    This works fine on the debugger running on my desktop, however when I run on the embedded device, I still see all the items getting populated, watching the names getting assigned to buttons, etc. and I don't see the progress bar screen.

    On the debugger as soon as I execute processEvents, I see the proper startup screen.
    While I'm running on the debugger, I have the connection to the same server. The only difference is that I'm running on the desktop instead of the embedded device.

    There is something I don't understand about why it behaves differently on the BeagleBone.

    Any thoughts that might point me in the right direction? Many Thanks!

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    @mstoth said in Threading Acts Differently on the Debugger:

    dss = new DialogStartupScreen(this);

    I guess you do this after ui->setupUI(this)?
    Create and show this dialog as an independent window before calling ui->setupUI(this).

  • Thanks! That caused the screen to display, but then it goes away again and I get to see my buttons and labels constructed even though it initially shows up. I must be doing something that puts the main window on top again. I will continue to investigate but it looks like you got me headed on the right track!

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