SQLite Encryption Extension - PRAGMA activate_extensions= not working

  • I've got a good working application that uses SQLite. I've cross-compiled the Android SQLite lib, and gotten it to load on Android .

    But, the problem now is that to actually encrypt the data (it all continues to work fine un-encrypted) According to the SQLite Encryption Extension docs, I'm supposed to execute thes PRAGMAs ont he db IMMEDIATELY AFTER the db .open()... I do it like this:

    void DataStore::lock()
        QSqlQuery active(sqlite);
        active.exec("PRAGMA activate_extensions='see-7bb07b8d471d642e';");
        qDebug() << "active last error: " << active.lastError();
    //no errors occurred
        QSqlQuery key(sqlite);
        key.exec("PRAGMA key='sqlite3';");
        qDebug() << "key last error: " << key.lastError();
    //no errors occurred

    which is what I have confirmed is the correct PRAGMAs from the SQLite encryption extension folks. I get no errors, nor do I get encryption.

    Has anyone any done this before? any ideas?
    Could there be something internally to the Qt code that executes between the PRAGMAs and the actual SQLite open()?

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    What version of SQLite are you using ?

  • @SGaist SQLite source code version-3.21.0 specifically the "see" (SQLite Encryption Extension) purchased & Qt 5.91

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    Did you rebuild the SQLite plugin to use your custom version of SQLite ?

  • @SGaist I'm not sure what you mean. the Qt\5.9.1\android_armv7\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqlite.so file?

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    For example, yes. I mean that if you are building your application for different targets, you need to build/re-build the QSQLite plugin for each of them.

  • @SGaist ? my application continues to run on windows and linux and Android and iOS - all hitting the SQLite db. I never once rebuilt that file, or any of Qt specifically.

    I believe that my app is linking to the actual binary libsqlite.so (that the libqsqlite.so plugin would link to) because, when I (with a hex editor) change the few bytes at the beginning of my libsqlite.so, then the db does fail on Android - I see that it fails to link on the console output. When I restore the bytes, it works again. But, I could be misinterpreting that somehow.

    I'd never heard of compiling this plugin separately: qsql_sqlite.cpp. Is that what you mean?

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    AFAIR, if you don't use your system provided SQLite library, the plugin is built with Qt's internally provided SQLite which is built statically for that matter. Hence my question about re-building the QSQLite plugin using your custom version.

  • @SGaist thank you for steering me in that direction. I'm investigating that stuff now.

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