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Is there an established workflow for Qt related Docker images?

  • I have experimented with several "container hosts" to deploy Docker images whose primary purpose would be storing assets and "session" data on the cloud for Qt applications. The key features of these images are 1) they can be compiled as standalone HTTP servers using Qt classes so they can be developed without worrying about container virtualization at all; and 2) once deployed on the cloud they use non-GUI Qt classes (QString, QDataStream, containers...) to simplify passing data/instructions between Qt front-ends and cloud back-ends. Note this is not about running Qt GUIs on the cloud, just about Qt-friendly cloud persistence. While these projects work OK, it's a pain and varies a lot to deploy them on different hosts. Is there some standardized way to set up this kind of thing analogous to prefab containers for Rails or NodeJS? Even creator plugins to (e.g.) start, stop, upload images? Thanks...

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    AFAIK, no. IIRC KDevelop has some stuff already implemented for Docker, but not Qt Creator.