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Cannot get verification email

  • I created an account using my at work government email:
    When attempting to log in the site claims to have sent a verification email. After several retries I have not received stated email. and yes, I can see that my junk E-mail folder is empty.
    I created an account from my home email and verified it. That account is being used to post this message.
    Can this be corrected?

    VRonin: removed actual email address to avoid you being spammed by bots

  • Ask your guys @ the NSA :)

    In seriousness, I had that problem on my work account and the email was blocked by the server itself, it never made it into the junk folder. I needed to ask my sysadmin to whitelist and

  • Especially considering the attraction with this domain one expects that a lot has to be screened out.

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