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Creator: customizing default .pro-file

  • Hello there
    I am using Qt Creator for making my C language assignements for university.
    Course have strict requirements: everything should be ANSI C standart, no warnings allowed.
    So, basically, it should just be compiled somehow like this:
    gcc -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -Werror

    I'm getting tired of manually entering the string
    QMAKE_CFLAGS += -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -Werror
    every time I'm starting a new project.

    So the question is: am I able to somehow edit Qt Creator's default "Pure C" template or create a custom one, so every time i start a new project all the needed settings are already there?

  • @Brono

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    You can try to place the QMAKE_FLAGS command in file called ".qmake.conf" in the parent folder of your project folders. This file gets executed before the .pro files.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You might find this thread of help.

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