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    If you think that it is very troublesome to have lots of copy & paste of source code in creating a new project, I have a tool for you. It is qtcwizard, a software to convert your existing project into a project wizard. That is displayed in the New Dialog that opens when you choose File > New File or Project.


    Example Usage.

        $ cd existing_project
        $ qtcwizard init
        generator.json created
        wizard.json created
        # Edit generator.json and wizard.json for customization
        $ qtcwizard install
        # Launch Qt Creator, choose  File > New File or Project > Application > Example Project.

    e-fever/qtcwizard: Convert a Project into a Custom Wizard in Qt Creator

    I have already converted a set of project templates for my company’s in-house and open source project into a collection. That is published on GitHub already.

    You may take them as an example or simply use our template directly.

    That includes

    1. Flux Application
    2. Qt Quick Unit Test
    3. Qt/QML Library Project (Travis and Appveyor enabled)
    4. and more...

    e-fever/e-fever-codebase: A Collection of Project Wizard for Qt Creator

    Enjoy it.

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    It would be perfect, if this was in fact a wizard included in QtCreator :)

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