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Creating a bike dashboard on raspberry pi

  • Hi,
    I want to develop an application which will be a speedometer dashboard for of a bike.
    I would be using raspberry pi3 model B for this.
    I am in a very big confusion whether to use Qt Quick application or Qt Widgets based application for this.
    I would need to read the raspberry pi gpio inputs as well as I would have to design the speedometer(which i guess is easier to build in a qml file). The application also needs support of a backend part which could connect to the a database on web.
    Please help me out with these topics:-

    • Which would be a better option: Qt Quick or Qt Widgets ?

    • Is it possible to use a qml file in Qt widgets application ?

    • I have designed an UI in Adobe Illustartor. How to use that file in the application ?

    • Is it possible to read the gpio input output in a Qt Quick application and show the readings in the qml file ?

    • How do I do the backend part ?

    I know its too much to ask but i need to know these or else I'm stuck with great deal of complicated things. It would be a great help if anyone can help me out with these.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    • If you want fancy animations QtQuick
    • Yes
    • Take a look at Exporting Designs from Graphics Software
    • Create a dedicated class for that in C++ that you will then make available to your QML code.
    • Depends on what you need: Cutelyst, Django, Flask, PHP Slim, NodeJS etc.

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