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Redirect console output to GUI

  • Hello everyone,

    I have program that written in C# and compiled under Mono, so my program can run on Linux but GUI quite ugly since I using WinForms.

    I plan to port Qt GUI, so my program look nice in any Linux distro.

    Before I start rewrite,
    my C# program are like this, my program using a lot console *.exe, where console program using a lot /r /b even animation, so standard/error redirect output to textbox end up garbage.

    At the end, create a console program, include a Form and call.
    Do Qt able to create a clone of console for GUI or... embedded console into GUI ?


    Here my project on github

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    There's no ready made "console widget", you can use QPlainTextEdit or depending on the amount of data a QListView with a custom QStyledItemDelegate for fancy rendering.

    For getting the output of your cli application, you can use QProcess.